Winter Services

NGS is UK's leader in providing Gritting, Snow Ploughing, Snow Clearing, Manual Gritting & Salt Supply Services.

NGS covers Hospitals, Businesses, Industrial Estates, Retail Parks, Roads, Car Parks, Footpaths and Pedestrian Areas.

NGS has an excellent track record in continually delivering a reliable, efficient and cost effective service with uninterrupted salt supply and a diverse range of equipment.

NGS is a professional gritting company with professional equipment and professional staff. NGS is not limited to vans and tow spinners like so many companies out there, neither is it reliant on a salt supplier, as NGS is one of the largest salt importers in Europe.

When it comes to professionalism, reliability and diversity, NGS’ range of services provide a one stop winter maintenance solution.

NGS can provide you with a winter maintenance solution whether you have a single site or hundreds of sites in your portfolio as we have depots throughout the country and a diverse range of equipment. Regardless of the severity of the weather conditions, NGS will deploy its extensive range of equipment from snow ploughs and gritters to ensure your safety and minimse the disruption of your staff and business.

All NGS Gritters and Vehicles are fitted with a GPS Tracking System.