Salt Supply In Trucks or Lorries

NGS offer delivery by traditional methods of road transport which is by 30 ton payload articulated tippers. 


NGS also offers a wide range of trucks which can deliver salt to customers fitting their needs and the prevailing conditions.    

NGS can deliver salt on smaller trucks such as 10 tonnes payload trucks which are smaller in length and have 2 axles. This can be increased to a truck with maximum payload weights of 16 tons or 20 tons with 3 or 4 axles.  These vehicles are not articulated  and so are easier to manoeuvre in restricted spaces. They are also much more versatile and able to tip their tipper bodies in  more hostile environments. Due to their rigid bodies and double drive axles which have diff locks and low ratio gearing, these trucks can overcome severe weather and get salt to where it is needed when traditional articulated trucks fail.  

However rigid trucks carry less and so where possible articulated vehicles are used to deliver 30 ton loads to save cost and harm to the environment.  

NGS also delivers to customers with trucks that have cranes or fork trucks attached so that salt or pallet bags can be unloaded.  NGS is able to call on trucks 24 hours per day and organise night or day deliveries 365 days per year.    

NGS is a one stop solution which offers the customer full flexibility and dedication when they most need it.