Supply By Trains

NGS operates its own dedicated train siding from the Southampton Port Train Terminal.


This allows NGS to radically cut harm to the environment through haulage of salt and cut costs of delivery for the customer by significant amounts.

NGS own dedicated train sidings for salt, allows the efficient and fast delivery of 1200 tons of salt per train movement, which would sometimes be more challenging and more time consuming to coordinate in truck loads.

It cuts traffic, noise and congestion at the Port and on the roads and so it can only be seen as a very positive and natural progression of the NGS salt solution at work.

The trains allow NGS to be competitive in salt pricing right up to the North of Britain in places such as North Wales, Aberdeen and the Scottish Highlands as trains allow savings to hauling the salt long distances, which then makes NGS' high quality product and service much more attractive to customers all over Britain.

NGS has access to more than 100 train terminals around Britain (including many in London and other such big congested cities), which allows NGS to offer train delivery to all customers regardless of which corner of the UK they are situated in - there is a terminal available for everyone.

NGS then either organises the usual short trip from  terminal to customer depot or allows the customer to organise their own haulage to collect from train terminal. The NGS Team, just like they organised and managed loading of the trains, then unload the trains and load customer trucks. This process can be phased or loaded to trucks within hours, as per customer preference.

Storage space is also always available so customers have all the reasons and flexibility they can ever hope for to use trains.