Salt Management & Handling

One of NGS’s greatest strengths and which makes it a market leader is its high level of service which incorporates, for all of its customers, the ability to manage and handle customer stocks with efficiency and dedication taking away all of the inconveniences and challenges with this aspect of salt.


The NGS service is reliable and hassle free for the customer.

NGS constantly monitors and liases with customer depots to ensure the salt is delivered when and where it is needed fast. NGS ensure the customer gets what they want – confidence and guaranteed salt supply.

This service of monitoring and stock level top ups constantly after liasing direct with depots is totally free of charge and part of the NGS promise.

NGS provides a 24 hour help desk and support staff for all of it's customers so they can get to speak to someone when they want and immediately when they want them.

If required all managers and key staff are also available 24hours per day on their mobiles and with their desk phones diverted to their home phones.

A customer will always find a helpful and willing member of NGS staff on the other end of an email or telephone day or night. This is the NGS promise.