Saturators for Pre-wet

The NGS saturator is a uniquely designed saturator ideal for de-icing applications which is extremely robust, easy to relocate and easy to load offering maximum flexibility.


Here are some facts about the NGS saturator.


1. One electric plug inside steel bolted recess + one mains water connection to the saturator.
2.  We deliver and place machine onsite.
3. We will attend site for installation, full operatives demostration; and
4. Thereafter provide a helpline.

Batch or Continuous Production

NGS saturators currently serve extremely busy motorways including Scotland where demand on saturators is high. Our saturator is a continuous brine producer not batch, therefore the saturator does not need repetitive filling for certain amounts of brine to be produced. It is continuous.

Production Capacity

Our saturators can produce 12,000 litres per hour continously, not in batches. This is a huge practical advantage.

Storage Capacity

Integral 14,000 litre capacity with option to increase.


Atwin (crossover) pump installation for optimum reliability and back up. 24 hour breakdown assistance.


Saturator is engineered to British/European standards further re-enforced with full inner steel tank - fully IP rated.


Based on shipping container therefore it is:
Easy to move;
Safe; and
Easy to repair.


The loading shovel/telehandler can deliver salt into our saturator at the same height and with the same gritter vehicle loader. The NGS saturator is designed to be loaded into directly with telehandler or loading shovel. Because of its robust design even where loading shovel drivers make contact between the blade of the bucket and saturator no damage occurs. Our saturator can be loaded with a smaler loader, telehandler or even a very large L150 volvo shovel, it can accept anything.

Brine Concentration

Can be adjusted as per customer requirement to correct strength. A brinometre is also provided for checking brine saturation. There is no requirement for staff to use ladders to look into the saturator or guiding the shovel - this system is safe to operate and load.

Space & Surface Requirement

The same compact space needed for a 20ft container. The surface can be concrete, tarmac or even stone so long as it is level.
Brine saturator - General and specific applications such as industrial, chemical, medical, etc.