Supply By Ships

NGS is capable of delivering both efficiency and flexibility in ocean transportation to their customers.


Using their extensive range of contacts with first-class ship-owners and operators worldwide, NGS is able to adapt quickly to both physical maritime conditions and dynamic commercial environments.

As a prominent force in European salt markets, NGS has been a frequent charterer of coastal type bulk carriers that typically lift below 10,000 metric tonnes and supply the Continental and Mediterranean waters on short sea business; these vessels are highly flexible and can serve less developed ports with the most demanding beam, length and draft restrictions.

Increasingly NGS utilises handysize and supramax bulk carriers to deliver to their customers. These vessels of between 15-60,000 dead weighted tonnes are typically equipped with four sets of cranes and are capable of both self loading and self discharge. This, and their length which is usually below 190m meters mean that such vessels are suitable for a diverse range of ports, especially situations where shore-based loading and discharging infrastructure may not be available.

The world fleets of both handysizes and supramaxes are rapidly modernising, and NGS strives to take full advantage of the new breed of economical designs delivering a lower carbon footprint. For the best per tonne freight cost available to Atlantic salt receivers, NGS has the ability to call upon Panama type bulk carriers typically between 60-80,000 dead weighted tonnes.

These vessels are so named because, with their 32.31 meter beam, they are the largest vessels able to transit the panama canal. Panama sized bulkers are adapted to major and established bulk trades and are therefore usually ‘gearless’, reliant on large and efficient shore cranes to load and discharge their vast holds. CIF terms allow the customer more security of cost and certainty and hassle free supply.

Where customers prefer to purchase on Free on Board basis, NGS offer excellent loading rates at the port with excellent terms which allow the customer to get the best value for money from ship owners and brokers when chartering for ships for FOB cargo from NGS.