Salt Storage

NGS is able to offer the ultimate answer to resilience stock and guaranteed salt supply at no extra cost.


NGS provides the perfect answer to resilience and guaranteed salt supply.....HOW?
By offering free storage and management of salt stocks.

That means if a customer buys stocks now, NGS will store this stock free of charge and manage the handling and transportation at no additional costs.

If a customer doesn't use all the salt in the winter for which it was ordered, NGS will continue to store the stock free until the following winter.

Therefore to avoid salt shortages and maintain resilient stock levels, simply order an extra winters worth of stock in advance by buying the stock in the summer when there is less demand as the price remains low.

The salt should be stored where it is needed to the max level allowed.

The resilience stock should then be stored at a place where there is no storage charge, and where if the salt is not used, then it carries over and is stored free to the following year.