Pre-wet De-icing

NGS is able to pre-wet de-icing salt during de-icing or before de-icing depending on conditions and requirements. NGS can pre-wet with standard salt brine or Calcium or Magnesium to bring those working temperatures down and give a longer lasting effect.


Salt Brine pre-wetting of de-icing salt is where dry de-icing product is sprayed with salt brine to increase its moisture content with saline solution so that the salt can be spread more accurately and sticks better to the surface.

A higher moisture content also means the salt works faster since salt is only effective for de-icing once it becomes a solution. White marine salt does not need pre-wetting due to its higher moisture content which is at an optimum level.

Brine pre-wetting is expensive both in capital expenditure for saturators and tanks for spreading vehicles (these are the blue or black small tanks that can be seen on gritters) & equipment as well as the work hours involved with loading saturators and filling the vehicle brine tanks and so it is best avoided by the use of white marine salt.

However customers who insist on pre-wetting all of their de-icing product can have the confidence that NGS has the experience and expertise to carry out the task to perfection.

NGS can also offer solutions for de-icing for lower working temperatures by pre-wetting with calcium or magnesium.