Our Promise & Value for Money

  • NGS provide an informed service
  • NGS guarantee salt supply
  • NGS stock salt from the outset of the season
  • NGS have resilience salt stocks
  • NGS will charge no retainer fee
  • NGS will use professional weather forecasting
  • NGS promise there are no hidden costs
  • All prices are honoured throughout the winter season for gritting
  • Professional Indemnity type insurance cover for contractual obligations
  • £25m liability cover

Value For Money

Put simply, value for money (VfM) is about obtaining the maximum benefit with the resources available. Decisions about VfM are a daily reality in all our lives. We are constantly choosing which items or services to buy, and judging the right balance for us between quality and cost.

NGS's service is no different. VfM is about achieving the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness.

NGS provide value for money service and products.