Salt Stock & Resilience

Stock up now with this cost-effective de-icing salt and be prepared for those sudden weather changes.


NGS import and supply high purity white salt (BS 3247), which is ideal for paths, roads, car parks and highways. This is a sustainable product.

NGS’s white, finest quality de-icing salt is of the highest purity enabling you to use your salt more efficiently. The purity provides a quicker de-icing effect.

NGS’s de-icing salt is clean, anti-caked and leaves no residue on the ground, ideal for all access areas.

Ordinary brown salt contains impurities that create a muddy sludge that is tramped into cars and buildings, costing time and money to clear up as well as having a slower effect.

NGS pack our own products which is supplied in handy 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 1 ton bags or loose. NGS also provide brown salt which is graded to BS3247.

Salt Supply by ship, rail or road

Supplied in ship loads

From 3,000 ton ships to 70,000 ton ships anywhere in UK, Ireland, Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

All grades from 3mm to 10mm down
 Varying moisture and purity levels to suit individual needs.

Supplied by train

NGS decided to pursue rail distribution as part of a multi-modal transport system for a wide variety of reasons including the clear environmental benefits and reduction of carbon footprint; and the prime importance of ensuring fast, reliable and direct carriage of large quantities of marine salt to our customers. There is also a cost-saving element that we can pass on to our customers.