Crushing, Screening & Grading

NGS is able to carry out the unique task of grading, screening and crushing salt to any specification.


NGS uses a variety of specialist plant, machinery and equipment to  produce perfect results every-time.  

NGS works with an extremely wide range of screen sizes and specifications for a diverse market ranging from the USA, to Germany and Scandinavia.

NGS is able to produce salt with more or less fines.  Top end heavy or bottom end heavy is no challenge to NGS.

Even a certain size down or a mid-range sized product can be accommodated, however challenging the specification may be, NGS always come out on top.  

NGS regularly produces:

  • 6.3mm down - British standard 
  • 5mm down  - French preference
  • 4mm down - ideal packing salt
  • 3mm down with no product below 160 microns - Dutch and German  preference
  • 10mm down to 5mm - USA preference   

Very often these products are produced with very low tolerance levels.  

NGS can grade the grain sizes so that products are supplied with certain percentages of each parameter of granule size.     

NGS is also able to anti cake all grades of salt produced with anti caking at the customer's preferred rate usually specified in 'parts per million' (PPM). 

NGS offers a variety of anti cake options such as:

  • aluminium silicate 
  • potassium ferro-cyanide
  • sodium ferro-cyanide  

NGS can anti cake with powder or solution as preferred.  

NGS can also coat/pre-wet the product with calcium, magnesium or similar products as the customer may choose.    


NGS has been called upon on many occasions when things have gone wrong for customers.

NGS can be called upon any time night or day to deal with problems that customers can sometimes find themselves in concerning products they may have bought from others which:  

  • Has caked up and become hard due to lack of anti caking agent
  • Wrong sized granules 
  • Wrong gradation  
  • Too many fines
  • Lack of purity due to incorrect washing process or lack of it

NGS can provide help, assistance and services when this occurs to bring the product back to specification. NGS can do this at its own depot or at the customer's depot using the wide range of plant and equipment.